Acknowledgements and Credits


Thanks to:
My family for their support, love and giving me pushes when I need it. My dad's creativity inspired me to be creative too.

To Heather and the Merchant Family for their understanding that it takes a village to raise a child.

To my friends: Galen,Nikki,Crystal,Chuck, Amy, Linda,Mary, etc. You guys are awesome.

To everyone in my bowling league. Thanks for being so cool to me.

All the people who make content for all the websites I like. (Check out the links page) It encourages me to continue to do this

To everyone who follows me on my social media accounts or comments on my blog.

And to my daughter Rachael. Everytime i run out of ideas, you provide more.

All Blog Posts are written by Corey Greenland unless otherwised noted on the specificed comic.

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