3,000 views and the future of my "photo blog"

So I discovered from someone from reddit that I don't do a web comic and i do a blog with photos. So with that in mind, I'm going to attempt to not announce when an entry comes out. When I get an idea, that belongs here, you'll see it right away.  If i don't, just check the facebook or twitter pages.

I want to be clear what I do. Basically I take my observations and goofy thoughts about parenting, and write it on the board, then I try yo add context by adding something that relates to it.

So thank you to all the people who view this blog and/or follow me on my social media pages.  3,000 views is amazing.

And yes, im in the process of making a new one.



Rewording is fun.

So after talking on reddit, Someone told me that this is a photo blog instead of a web comic. I feel stupid now. But It's fixed now. For clarity. Ill post a new entry(new name) on sunday.


#59: Birthdays Part 3

Rachael had her birthday recently. Since its her 3rd, makes sense right?     Right?

Anyways, she ate the cake faster then I did


Fun With Pookie Presents: The 2014 make-believe awards

Here's my made up awards for the last year:

I'm glad it ended when it did and on a good note Award: Breaking Bad

Character who wouldn't be a good parent in real life Award: Frank Underwood from House of Cards

Thing I spent way too much time on Award: Watching Netflix.

Thing I spent too much money on award: Games and books on Google Play

Thing that people shouldn't be surprised happened award: Gamergate (will explain on a future post.)

Kid movie that wasn't Toy Story that I liked award: Big Hero 6

Kid movie that got way too popular award: Frozen

And lastly...

Something I never expected award: Being featured as an additional student presenter on Dante Shepard's blog. Also recently, author James Rollins followed me on twitter.