New Name, Same Photoblog



#61: Sleeping Part 3 (Written Edition)

I'm spending the weekend at my grandmothers. And order for my daughter to sleep, she had to sleep next to daddy. I don't let her do this alot, but I had to make an exception. New environment and all.

Welcome to Parenting


#60: Snow Part 2


I  I should post an entry....damnit more snow...

This was taken after the last snow that NH had. Before we shoveled it from the one before it....hey Rachael had fun!


3,000 views and the future of my "photo blog"

So I discovered from someone from reddit that I don't do a web comic and i do a blog with photos. So with that in mind, I'm going to attempt to not announce when an entry comes out. When I get an idea, that belongs here, you'll see it right away.  If i don't, just check the facebook or twitter pages.

I want to be clear what I do. Basically I take my observations and goofy thoughts about parenting, and write it on the board, then I try yo add context by adding something that relates to it.

So thank you to all the people who view this blog and/or follow me on my social media pages.  3,000 views is amazing.

And yes, im in the process of making a new one.



Rewording is fun.

So after talking on reddit, Someone told me that this is a photo blog instead of a web comic. I feel stupid now. But It's fixed now. For clarity. Ill post a new entry(new name) on sunday.


#59: Birthdays Part 3

Rachael had her birthday recently. Since its her 3rd, makes sense right?     Right?

Anyways, she ate the cake faster then I did


Fun With Pookie Presents: The 2014 make-believe awards

Here's my made up awards for the last year:

I'm glad it ended when it did and on a good note Award: Breaking Bad

Character who wouldn't be a good parent in real life Award: Frank Underwood from House of Cards

Thing I spent way too much time on Award: Watching Netflix.

Thing I spent too much money on award: Games and books on Google Play

Thing that people shouldn't be surprised happened award: Gamergate (will explain on a future post.)

Kid movie that wasn't Toy Story that I liked award: Big Hero 6

Kid movie that got way too popular award: Frozen

And lastly...

Something I never expected award: Being featured as an additional student presenter on Dante Shepard's blog. Also recently, author James Rollins followed me on twitter. 


Fun With Pookie Presents: 10 Things I've learned from 3 years of parenting.

In order to get my creativity back and since Rachael's birthday is coming up, here's 10 things that I've learned in no real order:

1. Don't Panic. Kids do weird things. Just go with it.

2. When in doubt, Change their diaper.

3. People will buy you things when your kid is first born. Just say thank you. Even if you don't like it.

4. Your social life gets cut in half at least. But its worth it.

5. Even if you despise Walmart, youll probably end up buying things at Walmart.

6. Talk to your parents. They put up with you. So listen so you can put up with your kid (Your experiences may vary)

7.  Do not over analyze the things your kid likes (books, tv, movies etc ) ive done this before. Not fun.

8. Your parents will spoil your child. Just accept it. See #3.

9.If your a single parent, be as nice to the other parent as much as possible.  Keep the drama to the tv show your in to. (Thats what netflix is for)

10. Everything works out.


#58: Parental Charts

My first attempt at a graph.
Hope the writing is readable.
$20 on diapers.
$3.75 on a bowling shoe rental.
I rest my case.
In other news I have a link on my facebook and twitter for my new gofundme account. Ya know, if your so inclined.
Not selling out. Still doing it for free. Just there if you wanna throw a few bucks my way.


#57: Sign of Adulthood Part 3

So last week, i was watching Rachael and I look outside and I saw a funeral car. Really took me by surprise. Word is he died in his sleep.
I usually do lighthearted material, but I just had to pay tribute in some way.

Rest in peace neighbor


#56:Sports Part 2

I wonder if Rachael will like candlepin or 10 pin?

My tablet broke. Got a smart phone.  Since the pictures look alot better, I'll be more motivated to do this.


fun with pookie has moved out.

So blogger is not really useful for my tablet.

All future comics will be on



So after taking a break, I'm back and I'm inspired to post more.
Rachael likes to randomly run everywhere. I think shoes might help


An explanation

I cant promise to do it every week. My job,taking care of Rachael can distract me I  can do when I decide when I have an idea that I like. I put too much pressure on myself to make it and the content suffered.
I can't give myself deadlines anymore. I do this when I wanna do it. Besides the comics would be about the same things over and over again.
I'm thinking about signing up with kickstarter or something.
Or a site like that.
Stay tuned.
Anyways, I'll make some more.