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If you enjoy my photo blog Here's a short list of sites that you might like as well.

  • Surviving The World: The photocomic that inspired me to do this. He Updates better than I do.
  • My Dad's Comedy Blog: I got my sense of humor from my dad. He's also a stand up comedian. Does alot of goofy things like me.
  • Moviebob: He maybe a fanboy at times, but his video series are worth watching.
  • Rooster Teeth:   Besides Red vs Blue, they have loads of great gaming related videos.
  • Escapist Magazine: Besides Movie bob, they have lots of great video game and movie related stuff.
  • Ill Will Press: Can't go wrong with foamy. One of the first things I got into on the internet.
  • Cracked: Sometimes this site is brilliant, sometimes it's really stupid. I can't decide. My favorite thing they do is the After Hours series.
  • Botchamania: Video Game music + Pro Wrestling botches = Genius
  • Cinemassacre: Say what you want about the angry video game nerd, you can't deny the impact he's had
  • A Dose of Buckley: He's one of the best comedians on youtube right now.  Even thoPlus he rips apart lyrics from pop songs, among other brilliant things.
  • The Oatmeal: If I made a actual comic, It would look alot like the oatmeal.
  • my favorite place online to go for fathers. Thanks for making me realize I'm not alone

If you send me spam, I will not read it. That's what spam filters are for.

I'm on Reddit the most usually.

Google Plus Page. Google updates for me  woot

The facebook page is alive again:

Twitter: Because I don't have add enough :p

 Instagram: since i use picutres, I should of started this earlier.

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