#30&31:Chirstmas Decorating Part 1 and 2

Part 1:
Part 2:

So for Christmas, I want to spend some time with the family, So I made 2 Photocomics.
Have a good holiday. and if your in the spirit of giving, click here


#29:Heavy Rain's version of Parenting.

Obligatory "Jason!!!! "
(contains spoilers for some of the story)

Just bought this game. Seriously Ethan is horrible as a dad. Jason dies, and shawn gets kidnapped. How could you screw up that badly?



I live in New Hampshire, and  yesterday had a storm. Rachael wanted to play outside of course. Had fun, despite the cold.


#27:Parenting Protip Part 1

So after getting my life back in order, I had time to make a comic.

When you childs not using it, you can have alot more uses for their crib or whatever.