#51:Mickey Mouse

I proably just earned another 10 gazillion dollars.
I expect my check any day now.

Been dealing with personal stuff. Sorry for the delay.


#50:Alarm Clocks (Plus an annoucement)

It be creepy if they flashed "12:00"

I did it. I made 50 comics. Took a long time getting here. Thank you all for the suppor

In honor of 50 comics, I'm gonna let you guys have the chance to make one.

Make your own photocomic and email it to me: coreygreenland@gmail.com subject line :Pookie Pal.

Only rule is it has to be about parenting. 


#49:Sign of Adulthood Part 2

So after debating on whether or not I should, I decided to get rid of my PS3 and the games. But the good news is I got $80. which isn't bad. Selling the rest is gonna be a challenge.


#48:Behind The Scenes Part 1

It isn't a bad thing, Just a funny thing when it happens.
So after some time to get some ideas, I thought why not make a comic explaining why I can't make them sometimes. But hey, I'm still happy people check it out

And yes, I have some comics from surviving the world as desktop backgrounds.

Heres the one that was on my computer at the time: