An Apology

Dear Fun With Pookie readers,

         So if you read this blog, (thanks in advance) I haven't made a new photocomic in awhile. Why? Because I've been distracted with other things in my life. I do not want to tell you most the details because, honestly, It's not worth going over every single thing I've dealt with in the past 3 months. I'll just say this, when you only see your daughter 3 days a week now, things get pushed to the wayside. Don't get me wrong, I want to post  new comics, but my job, social life, and general parental shenanigans take more priority.

      This photocomic is the most involved hobby I've ever done. I like doing it because it encourages me to be more creative. And after some advice from people I decided, screw it, and continue making this.
So internet, sorry. my bad. We cool?

 I'll leave you with his quote from Dante Shepard, who's photocomic inspired me make this one, has some good advice for anybody who has a creative hobby:

"My advice is straightforward.  Break through that wall.  Set goals for yourself that will force you to keep creating - whether that is an obligatory monthly deadline or weekly deadline or even daily deadline - whatever it takes to make sure that you keep creating.  Even if no one is reading or listening or watching, keep meeting your deadline.  Make your work.  Tell yourself whatever you need to.
You’re the best creator in your own head.  And every voice inside your head telling you not to make, not to create, not to go ahead may indeed be some inner you - but so is every other voice telling you to go ahead.  So don’t let yourself drown yourself out.
Just create.
And enjoy it" Source:

I just made up a new comic, I'll post it soon.


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