Fun With Pookie Presents: 10 Things I've learned from 3 years of parenting.

In order to get my creativity back and since Rachael's birthday is coming up, here's 10 things that I've learned in no real order:

1. Don't Panic. Kids do weird things. Just go with it.

2. When in doubt, Change their diaper.

3. People will buy you things when your kid is first born. Just say thank you. Even if you don't like it.

4. Your social life gets cut in half at least. But its worth it.

5. Even if you despise Walmart, youll probably end up buying things at Walmart.

6. Talk to your parents. They put up with you. So listen so you can put up with your kid (Your experiences may vary)

7.  Do not over analyze the things your kid likes (books, tv, movies etc ) ive done this before. Not fun.

8. Your parents will spoil your child. Just accept it. See #3.

9.If your a single parent, be as nice to the other parent as much as possible.  Keep the drama to the tv show your in to. (Thats what netflix is for)

10. Everything works out.

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